Terms Of Use

Acceptance of Terms of Use

Savour Deals, LLC. (“Savour Deals” or “Us” or “Our or “We”) owns and operates the mobile application Savour Deals. By creating a profile on our application you agree to these Terms of Use below. You also agree to any amendments or changes in the Terms of Use by using our platform. By signing up for our application, you also agree to our privacy policy, which can be seen using the privacy policy link. The following terms are referred to as the “Terms of Use”.

If you not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not use the Savour Deals application and your profile must be deleted.


1. Use of the Application

As a condition of your use of the Application:

·       Your use of the Application will always comply with the terms stated in this Terms of Use agreement.

·       You have reached the proper age to use the application and able to accept a binding legal obligation.

·       You will use the application for the intended purpose of redeeming coupons, promotions, and loyalty rewards.

·       You provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding your profile on the application.

·       You have the right to provide your information to the application.

·       You will not attempt to use crawlers, robot, or data mining tools on the application.


2. Accessing The Application

Savour Deals maintains the right, at our exclusive discretion, to deny service or use of the Application or an account to anyone at any time and for any reason. You understand and agree that there may be interruptions in service, Application access, or access to your account due to circumstances both within our control (e.g., application maintenance) and outside of our control. While we use discretion to keep the Application and your account accessible, the Application and/or your account may be unavailable at certain times.


·       Any infringement to these Terms of Use will result in the deactivation of your current account and any accounts created by you in the future.


3. User Conduct

 All use of the Application must comply with these Terms of Use. Any violation of these terms will result in the suspension or termination of your account:

·       Submitting malicious or false information in the manner of:

o   Impersonation of others

o   Impersonation of someone who represents Savour Deals

o   Purposefully inaccurate information and the creation of multiple accounts using false information

o   Malware or viruses

·       Attempting to:

o   Hack the security of the Application or accessing servers used by Savour Deals.

o   Access data not intended for you.

o   Interfere with the Application by flooding or spamming.

·       Collection of:

o   Vendor deals or information with the intent to compete with Savour Deals or promote use of an alternative platform.

o   User or Vendor data.


4. Third Party Interactions

All offers, coupons, promotions, and loyalty rewards are the sole responsibly of the Vendor (third party) to accept and apply. Savour Deals has no obligation to refund or pay for offers, coupons, promotions, and loyalty rewards that are not accepted at the time of redemption.

·       You must read the information regarding the stipulations associated with the discount or loyalty rewards.

·       All alcohol use is at the discretion of the third party and they must obey state laws regard the legal drinking age.

o   Any offers, coupons, promotions, and loyalty rewards do not give you the right to purchase alcohol when under the legal drinking age.

o   You cannot hold Savour Deals liable for any alcohol related violations in any circumstance.


5. Modification

Savour Deals reserves the right to change or discontinue these terms of use at any time. Any change made to the terms of use will be effective on the date of the change. We will provide notice of the Terms of Use change and if you do not agree with the modified Terms of Use, you must delete your profile on the application and not use our services any longer. You agree that us informing you of a change in the Terms of Use constitutes is adequate notice.


6. User Account

You my only create one profile on the Savour Deals application and it is your responsibility to input correct information about your profile. You may update the information in your profile if it is incorrect. You understand that Savour Deals cannot be held liable for any errors in your profile that inhibit your use of the application.

Your account is non-transferable and may only be used you to claim any coupons, discounts, or loyalty rewards.


7. Privacy

Please review our privacy policy regarding data we may collect, use, and share.


8. Content

Savour Deals reserves the right to remove, edit, or refuse to post user generate content on the application. Content generated on the application, such as comments, reviews, ratings, or photos does not reflect Savour Deals nor receive any kind of endorsement from us. User generated content can be removed at the sole discretion of Savour Deals.


9. Solicitation

Savour Deals does not accept unsolicited ideas about our product, marketing, or content on our application. We have no obligation to review any unsolicited ideas that are presented to us.

·       Savour Deals may implement an unsolicited idea or campaign without acknowledging or compensating the solicitor.


10. Limitations of Liability

In no circumstance shall Savour Deals or any of its employees or contracted business partners be liable for any direct or indirect lost business or lost profits from the use of the application and any content presented on the application; any products obtained or purchased through third-party vendors; any information presented to you on the application that third- party vendors create.

Furthermore, any damages, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential cannot be claimed as liabilities of Savour Deals regarding the application or content presented on the application.


11. Force Majeure

Savour Deals shall be exempt from the Terms of Use in the event of or the result of:

·       Weather conditions or nature

·       War

·       Terrorism

·       Labor Strikes

·       Riots


12. Entire Agreement

The Terms of Use, including all other referenced documents and policies constitute an agreement between you and Savour Deals. In the event that Savour Deals creates, updates, or amends the current agreement, the new Terms of Use shall replace these terms.