Our platform is created for vendors by vendors


Our team interviewed Bar, Restaurant, and Coffee Shop owners/managers to design the most useful app for our vendors


Your promotions will be created for one person to redeem and can be defined by menu category or you can run a promotion on the entire purchase





Vendor Features

Watch this short video to see all of the useful features our platform provides. If you have more questions, visit our Vendor FAQ section or send us a message.


App Demo

Below is video of the app and some of the features!

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be able to see the deals I post?

A: Every user in the Twin Cities metro will be able see and redeem the deals you post.

How is the deal redeemed?

A: We integrate location services into the promotions, so the user must be close to your business to redeem your promotion. We incorporate a pulsing effect to show users and vendors when a deal is active, inactive, or already redeemed - once the voucher is redeemed is will expire after 30 minutes.

How long does it take to create a deal?

A: It only takes minutes to create and upload a new deal - if you are slow on a Tuesday you can create a deal for 50% Appetizers for the rest of the day and it will be ready to redeem minutes later.

If you do not want to control your deal creation, our team will gladly setup deals for you.

Can I create any deal that I want?

A: Just about, we do have a few stipulations. Since the vouchers are intended for one person to redeem, we require that the deal can be redeemed by one person and it does not require multiple people to meet the criteria of redemption. For example we would not allow a deal that states "spend $30 and get $5 off", when a meal at your business typically costs $12. (Custom deals allowed for early adopters)

Can I choose the times the deal is available to redeem?

A: Yes, you can choose the time of day and the days of the week that the deal is active. To drive in the most customers, we recommend that deals are active as often as possible, but ultimately it is up to you.

Do I have to use the loyalty program for my business?

A: No, although the loyalty program is a great way to reward loyal customers and promote repeat business, we do not require that you use the loyalty program. The price is the same whether you use the loyalty program or not.

Do you track redeemed deals?

A: Yes, we have an analysis features that will show the number or redemptions in real-time.

How much does it cost to use the app as a vendor?

A: Our pricing structure is built to scale with your business, so if you do not receive many redemptions you will not be charged much- the price is $1/redemption. If you post a deal, you will only be charged when users redeem a deal. See our Pricing section for more information.

Can I sign up for the app if my business is not in the food or beverage industry? 

A: We currently do not have the option for non food and beverage businesses, but we encourage you to contact us and we will give you more information about future opportunities to implement Savour Deals with you business.