Twin Cities


Savour Deals is an app that features free deals and loyalty rewards from local food and beverage establishments in Minneapolis, St.Paul, and Fargo






It's happy hour all day with the Savour Deals app. Whether you're with a group of friends or grabbing a drink with someone special, take a few dollars off the tab.



If you're heading downtown for a nice night out or swinging by the deli for a sub, we'll get you more bang for your buck.


Coffee Shops

 No more $5 lattes, Discover new coffee shops to get some work done at and save money at shops that you are loyal to.

How It Works

Our app is free and fast. No credit cards or gimmicks to get your information. Sign in with Facebook or create a profile and be ready to redeem a deal within minutes

Instagram: @savourdeals

User Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the app cost?

A: Nothing, the app is completely free! No credit card required, just download the app and you can redeem a deal immediately.

How do I redeem a deal?

A: All you have to do it click on the deal and a voucher will appear featuring a pulsing effect. If the pulse is blue, that means the deal is currently active and you can go to the vendor and redeem the deal. Once you are in range of the vendor the 'Go to location' notice will turn into a redeem button. Press the button and show an employee the voucher. That is all!

If the voucher pulsing effect is red that means that the deal is not currently active - check the active times to see when it can be used.

How do I use the Loyalty Check-in?

A: Press the Loyalty Check-in button on the vendor's page and a QR scanner will be activated on your phone, scan the Savour Deals QR code and you will be rewarded the points for that day. The QR code can be found on the receipt, at the check out counter, or with the waiter/waitress. 

Keep in mind, not all vendors will have a loyalty program.

Why can't I see any deals or vendors when I login?

A: We currently only have vendors in the Twin Cities and Fargo, so if you are outside of these areas, you will not see any deals. If you are in the Twin Cities or Fargo and you do not see any deals, make sure your location services are turned on for Savour Deals (Settings > Savour Deals > Location)

Can I use this app when ordering delivery?

A: No, the app is designed for dine-in and carryout and features a location function, so you must be at the vendors to redeem the deal.

What if a vendor does not accept my deal?

A: We partner with vendors to ensure that employees are aware that they are running a promotion on our platform. In the situation that an employee does not accept a deal, we would recommend asking them to check with their manager. If the deal is not accepted, we ask that you contact us on your account tab to report the vendor.